Marimba – new video of ‘Orkiestrownik’

The film is a part of the ‘Orkiestrownik’, a modern guide to the classical music in the form of a free mobile application. The tool introduces you to the world of the orchestra, shows instruments, musicians, conductor, rehearsal and concert. Everything in the form of a unique multimedia application available at:

Performance: Marianna Bednarska
Direction and editing: Jędrzej Bączyk
Director’s assistant: Michał Chytśmie
Pictures: Michał Łuka
Sound: Dariusz Wancerz
Light: Romeo Waving
Makeup: Adrianna Orych
Concept, production: Mateusz Cieślak
Executive producer: TAMTAM STUDIO
Production manager: Katarzyna Kuczyńska
Producer: IMiT © 2018